So long time never touch this blog, finally now im back but maybe jut to update some little stuff, fix download sectin so it can still be useful


Love is not something that you need, its not the thing you that you take, you taste, you use everyday so you feel the need. That is not love, that is a hallucination of the addiction that your body nurture time by time, day by day. That is something that you made without conscious. Love is not something  you can make.

Love is not admiring. Its not love when you see, feel, hear, taste, or smell something then you admire it. love never flow through the air to your eyes, your ears, or your skins.  Love is not something you can catch with your five senses. Love dont need reason from your five sense.
Love is lightning, a super fast magical electric that come to you even faster than your five sense can catch it. Love thunderbolt into your body, conquer your mind, burn your heart, spur your blood, control every of your cells even faster than you can recognize it. Then you would say “what the fuck is happening to me?”

Home sick?…No its home fever!

At home and get bored so i start to walk around with my pocket cam and take some pictures of my parent house. Here is some nice catches.

Favorite window of the house, even better at evening.

Upstairs home theater set, impressive but rarely used.

The stairs has a nice shape

Spot a classy angle of chinese vases before the kitchen

Tahu (tauhu) or tofu in Japan seems going to be our dinner tonight

This is maybe the only artistic part of our kitchen wastafel

Our little neighbor keep the economic circle spinning from our little shop

The most modern looks from the newest part of the house

And old fashioned looks when you get inside the house

As well as the dinning room with beauty soft light from the window

Back outside , back to the future

View from second floor, our house is on the top of the hill

lol, ok thats it. not bad 🙂


Goldy papers to

Karena domain telah dihapus karena suatu alasan personal. Jadi untuk beberapa saat belakangan ini paper” kecil”an di artikel Outlink : Forgotten Gold tidak bisa diakses.

Namun melihat dari masih banyaknya jumlah click pada link” paper tersebut jadi paper” nya saya pindahkan ke domain baru :

Seperti yang telah saya bilang jumlah papernya tidak seberapa tapi sepertinya masih dapat bermanfaat bagi beberapa pengunjung blog. Jadi ini dia link barunya :

Ciri Fisik Bumi dan Atmosfer Bumi

Deret Bowen

Genetik Batuan Beku

Jenis Intrusi

Mineral Utama Pembentuk Batuan

Mineral Tambahan & Mineral Sekunder Pembentuk Batuan

Pembagian Kimia Batuan Beku

Survei Pendahuluan Geoteknik (bag.1)

Tekstur Batuan Beku

Struktur Batuan Beku

Transportasi Sedimen (fluida)

Survai Pendahuluan Geoteknik (bag.2)

Pengolahan data well log by Hendra Saputra

Enjoy! 🙂

Tapi seperti yang pernah saya bilang sebelumnya. Proyek ini dihentikan dulu karena sangat terbatasnya data dan dukungan karena ilmu saya sendiri juga sangat terbatas. Dan saat diminta bantuan pada beberapa geologist muda lain sepertinya mereka lebih tertarik membuat paper ber-halaman” untuk cari muka di depan orang” yang diatas sana, daripada membuat paper beberapa paragraf untuk sharing ilmu.
Not trying to start something againts them but just speaking the truth

OK ! 😉

PS : jika domain di blok di komputer anda saya jamin domain saya 100% aman! buat apa juga saya mencoba berbuat licik pada anda kalau saya menghabiskan berjam-jam autis sendiri untuk ngurus blog dan web untuk sharing dengan anda.

Black Panda Racing F1 2012

Black Panda Racing as one of  determined sim racing team in the world has published their very own F1 car which will compete in XtremeRPM F1 2012 league this season. This car use  Ferrari F1 chassis and engine, colored with black and white as the popular identity of  Canada based team. The team also have announced four drivers who will fill these seats which are :

Amanda Muller (CAN) #2

Herru Febian (INA) #3

Nikos Maragkuodakis (GRE) #4

Huseyin Karademir (TUR) #33

The team continue their good will support  children around the world by put some charity logo on its car.

Herru Febian as the person who responsible for the car said this car choice have been through  some discussion with other team members to choose the best car for all of them.

Despite go down in number, this team remain confident ahead upcoming F1 league that will take almost all time this year til December. But the team also insist that they will welcome any new face.

Xtreme F1 2012 league will take a place for first time this year at Australia on 1st April.

Link :
XtremeRPM F1 league

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Upcoming : Toyota Yaris B-Spec rFactor !!

Now im working on Toyota Yaris B-Spec rFactor mod. Its going to be my first mod ever so its not going to be fast job. But why would i stop, modding cars is fun! 😀

Black Panda Racing GT3 2012 Livery

This my online racing team cars livery. Surely one of the best skins on the league ;). We separate our team to two little teams due to championship rule.

Team: Black Panda Racing
Driver 1: Amanda C. Muller – Mclaren #51
Driver 2: Herru Febian       – Mclaren #52
Driver 3: Phil Cook            – Mclaren #53

Team: Black Panda Racing 2
Driver 1: Huseyin Karademir    – Mclaren #54
Driver 2: Bill Grewcock           – Mclaren #55
Driver 3: Nikos Maragkoudakis – Mclaren #56

Credit of course to mine :p

Download link!

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